Eyebrow transplantation


For women who lack thick brows, daily styling can be difficult and time-consuming. Many spend considerable time drawing the perfect eyebrow arch, which requires skill and precision. Fortunately, a modern method of hair transplantation is available, which is also used to replace missing eyebrows.

FUE transplantation is minimally invasive and painless, requiring no scalpel. Allows you to permanently replenish your eyebrows and increase their density.

The treatment leaves no scars or marks. The transplanted hair looks very natural and is indistinguishable from the rest.


  • thin and barely visible eyebrows
  • desire to correct the existing appearance of the eyebrows – thickening and improving the shape
  • desire to cover up a scar on the eyebrow arch

Course of treatment

Preparation for treatment

Prior to the treatment, a detailed history, exclusion of contraindications and a detailed discussion of the expected results are necessary. Blood-thinning medication should be discontinued a few days before the treatment. One day before the treatment, it is advisable to give up alcohol and strong coffee.


FUE hair transplantation begins with the administration of a local anaesthetic. The doctor takes the hair follicles and then prepares the transplantation area by creating small holes. The extracted follicles are transferred to the eyebrow arches by puncturing the skin. The treatment takes approximately three hours, depending on the number of hair transplants. Finally, the doctor applies a special ointment to speed up the skin’s healing process.

Recommendations after treatment

After the treatment, the doctor provides all the necessary information on skin care and the recovery period. Only a slight redness will be visible on the eyebrows, which will disappear after a maximum of seven days.

Expected effects

The effects of the treatment are visible almost immediately afterwards. Within six months of the treatment, the eyebrows thicken and the final shape can be visible within 12 months. The treatment permanently restores the eyebrows, the effect is very natural. The transplanted hair grows in the same direction as the others, has the same structure and is indistinguishable.


  • advanced diabetes
  • bacterial and viral infections
  • coagulation disorders
  • unregulated blood pressure
  • cancer
  • endocrine disruptors